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A Small Town Surfer

Justin Wilmot's name is synonymous with Lifestyle in the real estate industry. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of real estate investment and education showcases his unparalleled dedication and expertise. Justin has redefined what "success" in real estate investing is, flipping hundreds of properties worth over $100 million and now guiding thousands towards financial freedom.

His recognition as the most notable real estate investor under 30 is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond his professional accolades, Justin is a passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, balancing his love for surfing, boats & travel with his role as a devoted husband and father of three.

Owning three successful companies, Justin not only lives his dream life, traveling the world and embracing adventure, but also empowers others to achieve their own ideal lifestyles.

As a high-performance coach and educator, he's committed to sharing his knowledge, ensuring his students not only learn from his achievements but also surpass them.

Justin Wilmot stands as a testament to what can be achieved with vision, action, and the courage to dream big.

His life and career are not just about success in real estate but about inspiring others to redefine their own possibilities.


The freedomaire

     with Justin Wilmot

Do you believe that in order to live a great life with financial freedom you must sacrifice today? Have you been trying the "hustle 24/7" mentality to no avail?


Our world has never been more connected and current technology has completely changed the entrepreneurial landscape. Wouldn't you like to start living life now? Doesn't it just feel wrong that you should work away your prime years in order to hopefully one day live a life stress-free of finances? 

The world is changing for the better with more accessibility allowing a modern entrepreneur to leverage others knowledge and experiences just like the Rockefeller's and the Henry Ford's of today. The Freedomaire series is designed to show and inspire you on what is possible today.  


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Start Living the Freedomaire Lifestyle Today

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