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10 Hour Deals

  • Our Newest JV Wholesaling Offer For 2024

  • Partner with "Principal Wholesalers" In Our Exclusive Marketplace Full of Pre-Negotiated Under Contract JV Deals

  • Lead Generation Software

  • Coaching From Justin

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Mobile Wholesaling

  • Walkthrough a MODERN Wholesale deal in Real Time 

  • NEW Step-by-Step Digital Wholesaling Instructions

  • Our Attorney Created Contracts

  • Daily Action Task List 

  • 27 Detailed Training Video Modules


simplified Wholesaling

  • 5 core trading modules (secret recipe)

  • ​Step by step dissection of each module

  • ​The only 2 contracts you need to start profiting now

  • ​Full support

  • ​Done for you seller lead VA list 

  • ​Done for you cash buyer VA list 

  • ​60 day guaranteed 


Freedom Moguls

  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls

  • 24/7 Community Support

  • No More Questions, Just Answers

  • Access To Private Money Lenders 

  • Access To Full Time Investors 

  • Access to Over $200 Million Dollars Of Real Estate Transaction Experience

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10 Hour Wholesaler

  • The 10-Hour Wholesaler Training Program - Including Every Template, Resource, Document, & Process Needed for Success

  • Bonus #1: LinkedIn Leads - How to Instantly Get Cash Buyer and Wholesaler Leads Through LinkedIn

  • Bonus #2: Craigslist Secrets - How to Build Your Pipeline of Leads Using 'Cut & Paste' Ad Templates on Craigslist

  • Plus, Much More!

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