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Double Your Deals This Month: Wholesalers Need Leads – Here’s How

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Hey, hey, what's going on guys?

What's up? It's your boy Justin Wilmot, doing our real estate wholesaling & e-flip quick tips.

So first off, first and foremost priorities, how's the surf? Let's check it out. Looking out my window here at Freedom Moguls headquarters - Not too bad.

Looks like the inside is a couple barrels out there, but kind of blowing out. We've got a big Northeastern coming through, but it definitely looks rideable.

There's a couple of waves coming through, but hey, it's a shiny sunshiny day here in Florida.

So what I want to talk to you about today is leads, leads, leads.

Wholesalers & e-flippers need leads, right?


And there's a few ways that we get unlimited leads.

2 Ways to get Leads

I want to talk to you very quickly about two ways to get leads, right?

Two leads that are extremely important, seller leads and buyer leads.

I believe buyer leads are the most important lead that we could possibly get as real estate wholesalers.

Second most important thing, your seller leads.

See, seller leads don't matter until we have really good buyers, because the buyers tell us where to go, right?

It tells us where to point, which direction are we going to go in our marketing?

So, two ways to get good leads. And by the way guys, this is free.

#1 Way to get Seller Leads

So, one way to get seller leads is the Zillow rental app, or even just go to on your desktop.

Go to

And when you go to Zillow, you want to filter out:

- All of the red dots,

- All the for sales, and you want to filter out

- All of the solds.

What that's going to leave you with is you're going to select rent

- Available,

- Available rents.

Then you want to filter all the way to two years ago, right?

So you want this thing to tell you all properties that have been available for rent in your target market, in your zip code for the last two years.

Those are all obviously rental properties.

So the goal here is going to be find out which one of those guys are burnt out.

Are any of those burnt out landlords?

Have they had it up to here with taking care of repairs?

Have they had it up to here with vacancies?

All the BS, complete BS, by the way, I absolutely hate renting out properties. All of the crap that comes along with owning rental properties.

So now you've got to put a system in place to:

#1 Find all those people,

#2 Make as many outbound calls as physically possible, and or

#3 Send them direct mail.

That is one way to get unlimited leads, because that never goes away, because it's always constantly being updated. Boom.

You can also ask those landlords you called on Zillow if they want to buy more properties, if they say yes, boom. You’ve got a buyer.

#1 Way to get Landlord Cash Buyer Leads

Landlord leads. Okay?

Buyers. Buyer leads. Landlord Cash Buyers.

We all need leads, right? But why?

Because the money is in the CASH BUYERS list!

Here's another way to get buyer leads.

Simply go to and hire a virtual assistant to pull leads for you.

Now here's the thing about, there are people there that do multiple different things. You don't even have to pull an Excel sheet filled with buyers.

You can have somebody literally not only pull them in their own manual way, but also contact those buyers for you.

So, what I would encourage you to do is:

#1 Go to,

#2 Use the search box at the top of the page, type in real estate cash buyers, and look at the results that you get.

#3 Select the cash buyer provider of your choice & order.

So those are two ways for you to get leads, unlimited in your target market.

Good quick tips for you for getting leads for your real estate wholesaling business.

All right guys, be good. Everybody, have a great day & one love.

- Justin Wilmot

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