Co-Wholesaling? What In The Heck Is That?!?

Hey, hope you’re doing well. Today, let’s talk about co-wholesaling…

This is a term that’s becoming more and more popular today. Essentially it means doing a joint-venture wholesale deal with another wholesaler. And there’s actually two different ways you can do this:

Way #1: Match your sweet deal to another wholesaler’s sweet buyer… So let’s say you have a hot property under contract, but you have no cash buyer.

Meanwhile your buddy has no deal, but he’s got a great buyers list. You ask him to tell his buyers about your deal, and you offer to split the profits with him if he can sell it.

Wham, bam, kapow!

Way #2: Marry your sweet cash buyer to another wholesaler’s sweet deal… It’s the same scenario, but reversed. When you take this approach, you know what your buyer wants and you go out “shopping” for deals on their behalf.

Then play matchmaker, and voilà. This is my absolute favorite approach. The terms of this agreement can be tweaked, but that’s co-wholesaling in its essence.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

You both bring something of value to the table that the other doesn’t currently have. Marry the two together and you both get a nice piece of the pie to split between you.

Happy Co-Wholesaling!






Justin Wilmot
Investor – Educator – Entrepreneur